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The Series that Revolutionized the World of the Telenovela



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Hidden Passion has awakened an interest in soap operas among the Spanish public that they hadn't seen since they hit their peek of popularity a decade ago.

Hidden Passion is a drama full of humor and romance. It is a Telemundo's original, made for Hispanics in the United States and exported to many countries. The first broadcast was on regional channels; although it has been Antena 3 which has given national coverage for the series in Spain, which has made it to become very popular.

If you want to enjoy the 3 male leads of the series (Mario Cimarro, Michel Brown, Alfonso Baptista) on your desktop, all you have to do is download this fantastic wallpaper. Its resolution is 1024x768.

On the website Telemundo you can find a wallpaper feturing the 3 female leads, as well as other wallpapers showing each the most important characters.

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